Entering Palestine - IASIA-MENAPAR Conference 2017

Please kindly note that all countries are welcome to Palestine.

There are two options to enter in Palestine

Be advised that GPC (the local organiser) might get in touch with you by phone regarding your visa issuance.

1.    Travelling through Jordan

For people who need Visa to enter Jordan
1)    For participants who can get visa upon arrival to Queen Alia Airport (Amman): Single Entry visa valid for one month: 40 JOD (approximately 56 USD)
2)    For Participants who need visa prior to entry, they are kindly advised to contact the Jordanian embassies in their respective countries: the visa letter can be downloaded from the system upon registration  (wp.me/P8kSXl-n)

Please check the following website for further information.


For people who require Permit to enter Palestine

Participants coming from countries who will need a permit to enter Palestine: All participant,

In order to know if you need a permit (or not) to enter Palestine, kindly send the below needed documents for the permit–issuance to Mr. Haytham Abuhijli at haytham_gpc@yahoo.com. You will be informed immediately if you require such a permit or not.

Unfortunately since it takes 50 days to issue a permit, it is no longer possible for citizens, in need of it, to enter Palestine via Amman, Jordan.  Visa should be obtained from Israel Embassy.  With the visa you can enter Palestine from Tel Aviv.

Entry Logistics through Jordan

Group Arrangement (convoy)   

2 Convoys will be organized by GPC from Amman to Ramallah on July 2nd and 3rd leaving at 7:30 am. Participants wishing to cross the border within the convoy, must follow the below instructions

a)    E-mail your flight details, arrival date and time to the following e-mail: ershaid77@gmail.com so that you can be met at the airport and transported to a hotel in Amman prior to crossing into Palestine with the Convoy.  We advise you to be in Amman on July 1st or July 2nd (latest).

((b)    General Personnel Council (GPC) will arrange receiving all participants at Queen Alia Airport –on 1st & 2nd July- and transport them to their hotels in Jordan.

(c)    GPC made arrangements with 3 hotels in Jordan to offer preferential rates for the overnight stay: Land Mark Hotel, Arena Space Hotel, and ARABELA Hotel. Details are indicated in Annex A

(d)    Once in the hotel, participants are requested to contact Mr. Haytham Abuhijli on haytham_gpc@yahoo.com  ( tel: 0970599295999); to submit their original passports and ID photos.

(e)    Participants who arrive early morning to Amman and can join one of the two convoys at 7:30 am need not spend one night in Amman and can travel directly to Palestine.

(f)    Participants staying in other than the above three hotels, will have to bring their original passports and ID photos to Mr. Haytham Abuhijli  at the Land Mark Hotel on the evening of 1st or 2nd July.

(g)    GPC will arrange the transfer -via buses- from the 3 partner hotels (Land Mark Hotel, Arena Space Hotel, and ARABELA Hotel) – through King Husain Bridge (Allenby) border crossing.

Participants shall pay the amount of 10JD (about 15US]) to the Jordanian Side, GPC Staff will collect the amount before reaching the border to facilitate their passing process.

(h)    Participants staying in other than the above named hotels, will have to be present on the 2nd or 3rd at the Land Mark Hotel by 7:30 am local time to ensure their group-transportation across the border.

(i)    After clearing the Palestinian border post, participants will be transferred via buses to their hotels in Ramallah.

We highly recommend to use the convoy service for a fast crossing of the border, arrival at the hotel and significant savings (taxi ride to border, VIPA treatment fees, and transport to Ramallah).

Individual (non-convoy) arrangement

Participants arriving after departure of second convoy on July 3rd will have to enter Palestine on their own.  The process is as follows:

(a)    E-mail your flight details, arrival date and time to the following e-mail: ershaid77@gmail.com so that you can be met at the airport and put on a taxi to crossing into Palestine.  Whenever possible, participants will be grouped into 3 or 4 depending on time of arrival to share the taxi ride to the Jordanian border (approximately JOD 35).

(b)    General Personnel Council (GPC) will arrange receiving all participants at Queen Alia Airport –on July 3rd

(c)    Upon arrival at the Jordanian border, they will be met by a GPC representative to help them cross into Palestine.

(d)    After crossing the border post on the Palestinian side, they will be met by a GPC rep. to put them on a taxi to Ramallah.  The cost of a taxi ride is approx. $40 per person

(e)    Participants may elect to pay for VIP service at the Jordanian border to speed up crossing and arrival into Ramallah. This includes the following:

a.    Border police control at the Jordanian border
b.    Quick transfer in a taxi-van from the Jordanian to the Palestinian border
c.    Border police and customs control at the Palestinian side
d.    Transport to Ramallah
e.    The cost of the service is $150 (Without the transport to Ramallah it is $110).
(f)    Participants may elect to cross the normal way (non-VIP) and pay the following
a. bus transfer across King Hussain (Allenby) bridge for a cost of 10JD (about 15US]) to Jordanian Side.
b. Transport to Ramallah after clearing the Palestinian border post for a cost of $40

Leaving Palestine (through Jordan)

1)    Departure to the border post will be from Jericho bus station or VIP stop

2)    GPC reps will be at both points to guide participants on 6th evening, 7th and 8th morning and 9th all day long.  The border post on the Palestinian side works limited hours on Friday and Saturday.

3)    Participants leaving after July 9th will be given detailed instructions for making their way back to Amman

4)    VIP crossing is available from Jericho VIP stop for US $150.  Regular crossing is available from Jericho bus station.

5)    An exit fee of 183 Shekel per person (approximately 50 USD – cash) is due at the Palestinian border post upon leaving

6)    Returning to Jordan from Palestine does not require a new Visa.



Hotels for short stay over in Jordan prior leaving for Palestine

HOTEL in Jordan Ratings Single room/ unit Double room/ unit Junior suite/ unit Website Telephone number
LAND Mark hotel 5 stars 134$ 148$ 353$ Reservations@landmarkamman.com

To get the special rate mentioned above for this hotel, you have to inform General Personnel Council at this email: ershaid77@gmail.com

Arena Space Hotel 4 stars 75$ 82$ 128$ sales@arenaspacehotel.com 00962787600064
Arabela Hotel 3 stars 50$ 60$ 120$ info@arabelahotel.com, luay.adi@arabelahotel.com 00962796792950


  • The price doesn’t include the  value added tax.
  • The price includes the breakfast meal, and for other meals prices will be as following:
Dinner Meal Lunch Meal Hotel
18$ 18$ LAND mark hotel
15$ 15$ Arena Space Hotel
15$ 15$ Arabela Hotel


For reservations you can use the following addresses however it is preferable to contact by telephone the selected hotel in order to obtain the special rates for the conference participants.

ANNEX B (Accommodation in Palestine) 

2.    Travelling through Israel

Visa information for Israel.

Please check the following website for further information http://mfa.gov.il/MFA/ConsularServices/Pages/Visas.aspx 

If you choose to arrive in Tel Aviv, Israel, you will go through Ben Gurion Airport crossing point – Intended for all citizens from around the world. The border control services are provided 24 hours a day.

Participants have to send their travel itineraries to the following e-mail: ershaid77@gmail.com, as General Personnel Council  will pick them from Ben Gurion Airport and transfer them to their hotels in Ramallah.

Rate for Visitor visa B/2                22 EUR or 23 USD or 90 INS


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